The tiniest Flax sweater

Finished up this adorable Tin Can Knits Flax sweater just before the birth of a new little nephew, and OMG how are humans ever this tiny??!

“Flax” is a great, simple top-down raglan sweater. The pattern is free and comes in SO MANY sizes. The sweater I knit is the smallest size.

The yarn is Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted in the Vancouver-appropriate colour “Deep Cove”.

The sweater has been delivered to the little J.T. and his parents. J.T. is growing fast and it’s not *quite* sweater weather in the southern hemisphere yet where they live, so it remains to be seen whether it will actually fit him when it is. Regardless, life goal accomplished:

✅ Knit something for a baby in time for their birth

Tiny Flax sweater with completed seamless body and arms on scrap yarn ready to pick up and knit.

I learned my lesson about gauge on the adult-sized Flax sweater I made this summer and so I scaled down my needle size for this baby version (I originally used US 8 & US 6 suggested by the pattern, and this time around I used US 7 & US 5.)

Even though I made & blocked a swatch in preparation for the adult Flax sweater, I did not anticipate how much the weight of the garment would cause it to sag. I have frogged it and will reattempt. This tiny Flax worked out really well with smaller needles, so I feel ready for round 2 of the adult-size sweater.

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