London: Camden, Regent’s Park, Seven Dials, & Trafalgar Square

We are staying in a tiny studio flat on the third floor of a row house and it has a gabled roof, so it is very lucky that we are both short humans.¬†Although there is no view, it’s fantastic to have the skylights that let in tons of natural light.


Our rental flat near Willesden Green tube

Camden Coffee House has good coffee, light food, good wifi and a relaxed environment for working, plus a delightful secret back garden.

Lovely back garden at Camden Coffee House

It is hot right now in London (around 28 degrees) and sunny. The canal near Camden is full of a strange green water plant bloom, which is capturing plastic bottles that folks have chucked in.

Camden canal in bloom

Walking near Primrose Hill, it’s clear that the trend in sustainable transportation for young school aged children is the scooter.

Packed parking lot at local primary school

Seeking out some better shade, we headed for Regent’s Park. Maria was very interested in checking out the waterfowl at the Boating Pond, so off we went. We spotted swans, many ducks, and a heron! We ended up in the Rose Garden for a lie down in the grass.

I loved this rose variety named¬†“Colorific”

A little more work time at Harris + Hoole in Fitzrovia.

H+H had a delicious summer berry soda and plugs for some much-needed tech-charging.

I was thrilled to discover Attendant, an old underground washroom (like the last remaining in Vancouver) converted into a coffee bar. Unfortunately it was closed when we walked by, but I had to capture the ornate wrought iron grate.

Although I love a creative reuse of space, I wish there were more (accessible, attended) public washrooms in public space.

We headed to Seven Dials, to the Homeslice Pizza in Neal’s Yard for a GIANT thin-crust pizza. I’m not sure if this is a truly public space, or a privately-owned publicly-accessible space, but it is a fantastic spot of people watching.

The roundabout at the centre of Seven Dials is also a wonderful space.

A couple enjoying a beer from a nearby pub at the centre of Seven Dials

Not too many cars passing through the centre of Seven Dials, and a pub on the corner has patrons standing outside standing or leaning at ledges along the pub windows, just enjoying their beers on the sidewalk. What a great after-work thing, to have a pint outside in the beautiful evening air instead of holed up inside a dark pub, and at the same time bring a little more life to the street. We’ve seen quite a lot of that this evening.

We walk through Leicester Square, and then Trafalgar Square, where Maria enjoys the giant lions at the base of Nelson’s Column.

This is the quintessential “Maria Does London” photograph

The crosswalk at Trafalgar Square has special green ‘walk’ lights for Pride – can you see them?

Trafalgar Square at sunset with a Pride-themed female-female symbol crossing light. (The crossing light on the other side had a male-male symbol. I didn’t see any trans walk light symbols, although that would have been great.)

A Tube ride back to our flat. Fantastic light this evening and a warm breeze.

Sunset in Brent

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