Walking the Mendip Way – Day 2: Loxton to Cheddar

In September 2018, I walked the Mendip Way with my parents. This walk in Somerset, England from Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol) to Frome promises green rolling hills, fresh air, a taste of the English countryside, and lots of cows!

Read an overview of the whole walk, or read notes from each day: Weston-super-Mare to Loxton (Day 1), Loxton to Cheddar (Day 2), Rest Day in Cheddar (Day 3), Cheddar to Priddy (Day 4), Priddy to Wells via Wookey Hole (Day 5), Afternoon & Morning in Wells (Day 5 & 6), Wells to Shepton Mallet (Day 6), and Shepton Mallet to Frome (Day 7).

Loxton to Cheddar (11.5 miles)

This was a bigger day, beginning with a climb up Crook’s Peak. Even though it was spitting rain and grey, we still had views of the countryside – green hills and stone fences and yellow gorse in bloom. This section of the walk, up the Wavering Down, was pleasant walking on grass.

We climbed up to the monument at Trig Point.

Down again, through […] wood, crossing the road at […], and then up along a track that turned quite mucky. Right after we got off the track, we watched a farmer lead his herd of cows to the adjacent gate and learned that this was a drove road. If we’d been 5 minutes later, we’d have been facing a hundred cows on their way to the barn.

Casual stone ruins and lots of sheep: themes of Somerset walking.


Arriving at Black Rock signals that we are nearly in Cheddar!

The ‘new’ Mendip Way takes you up along the north edge of Cheddar Gorge to enjoy the spectacular view. Even in the low cloud, you can see that Cheddar Gorge is quite an astonishing drop!

Next: A rest day in Cheddar.

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