Walking the Mendip Way – Day 3: Rest day in Cheddar

In September 2018, I walked the Mendip Way with my parents. This walk in Somerset, England from Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol) to Frome promises green rolling hills, fresh air, a taste of the English countryside, and lots of cows!

Read an overview of the whole walk, or read notes from each day: Weston-super-Mare to Loxton (Day 1), Loxton to Cheddar (Day 2), Rest Day in Cheddar (Day 3), Cheddar to Priddy (Day 4), Priddy to Wells via Wookey Hole (Day 5), Afternoon & Morning in Wells (Day 5 & 6), Wells to Shepton Mallet (Day 6), and Shepton Mallet to Frome (Day 7).

Rest Day in Cheddar (0 miles)

After walking over gentle green hills for two days, it is easy to understand why the Cheddar Gorge with its limestone cliffs draws so many visitors.

The Lions Head limestone feature in Cheddar Gorge.

We skipped the Cheddar caves and instead spent our rest day strolling up to the gorge and then through the town. The lovely high street has a number of locally-owned businesses and charity shops (including Prickles Hedgehog Rescue Charity Shop!) We enjoyed lunch and a pint at The White Hart pub, found souvenirs at the National Trust shop, and poked around Timeout haberdashery.

We had a delicious (although more expensive) dinner at The Bath Arms (described to us as a ‘foodie pub’ for good reason). They had the most delightful sound-damping system I’ve ever seen.

Next: Walking from Cheddar to Priddy.

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