Walking the Mendip Way – Day 4: Cheddar to Priddy

In September 2018, I walked the Mendip Way with my parents. This walk in Somerset, England from Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol) to Frome promises green rolling hills, fresh air, a taste of the English countryside, and lots of cows!

Read an overview of the whole walk, or read notes from each day: Weston-super-Mare to Loxton (Day 1), Loxton to Cheddar (Day 2), Rest Day in Cheddar (Day 3), Cheddar to Priddy (Day 4), Priddy to Wells via Wookey Hole (Day 5), Afternoon & Morning in Wells (Day 5 & 6), Wells to Shepton Mallet (Day 6), and Shepton Mallet to Frome (Day 7).

Cheddar to Priddy (5.5 miles)

The walk leaving Cheddar was very pleasant. Here the Mendip Way doubles up with other walking paths that take you between towns for local beer tasting and we wondered if we should be doing that walk instead!

Don’t mind me, just collecting photos of quaint, named cottages.

There are lots of old stone fences to see. In livestock fields, the stone fences were often fenced off on either side with barbed wire because (we deduced) the livestock destroy them. (And because it is England, no doubt those fences are heritage-listed!) I kept taking photos of lichen on the stacked stones – wouldn’t this make a wonderful colour-work knitting motif for mittens?

Mortar-less stone fences are reinforced by moss and ferns and decorated by fantastically coloured lichen.

The day became very wet, cold, and unpleasant very quickly after we left Cheddar, so I don’t have many photos. We encountered a lot of stone stiles and traipsed through many fields.

Stone stile on the Mendip Way between Cheddar and Priddy.

This certainly isn’t my first rodeo doing outdoor activities in inclement weather. I think the reason this because so wet and miserable for us is because the rain began as a mist and gradually got heavier, so we never actually stopped to put on rain pants. I, rather foolishly, was still hiking in 10-year-old hiking boots that had a hole in the toe (which I’d previously repaired and which had since reopened.) Needless to say, I immediately went to buy new boots after this walk!

What a relief to arrive (soaking as we were) to The Queen Victoria Inn. Delicious food and pints and a well-earned rest.

Next: Skipping to Wookey Hole in a taxi, exploring Wookey Hole, and walking to Wells.

Read more about walking the Mendip Way

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