Walking the Mendip Way – Afternoon & Morning in Wells

In September 2018, I walked the Mendip Way with my parents. This walk in Somerset, England from Weston-super-Mare (near Bristol) to Frome promises green rolling hills, fresh air, a taste of the English countryside, and lots of cows!

Read an overview of the whole walk, or read notes from each day: Weston-super-Mare to Loxton (Day 1), Loxton to Cheddar (Day 2), Rest Day in Cheddar (Day 3), Cheddar to Priddy (Day 4), Priddy to Wells via Wookey Hole (Day 5), Afternoon & Morning in Wells (Day 5 & 6), Wells to Shepton Mallet (Day 6), and Shepton Mallet to Frome (Day 7).

An Afternoon & A Morning In Wells

We had enough time in the afternoon after arriving from Wookey Hole on our Day 5 walk, and in the morning before setting out to Shepton Mallet on our Day 6 walk to explore Wells. It is a lovely city where we enjoyed exploring the gorgeous, huge, old cathedral, and walking the pretty high street.

One of a couple beautiful stone archways that separate the city streets from the cathedral green.

We visited the cathedral both days to make sure we were able to explore it all.

Wells Cathedral has a huge green out front from which to admire the facade.

The nave is quite spectacular with an unusually modern-looking, almost hyperbolic arch and circular windows at the transept. The vaulted ceiling is beautifully painted.

If you happen to be around on the quarter-hour, you can watch knights rush around the little platform above the 700+ year old face of the cathedral clock.

The Wells Cathedral Clock.

I really enjoyed the ye olde graffiti scratched into this figure off to one side.

Carved graffiti on a tomb in Wells Cathedral.

If you are interested in reading about all of the folks honoured at the cathedral after their deaths, the cloisters will keep you busy for ages, and the light in the cloisters was particularly striking in the afternoon sun.

The chapter house was a spectacular sight, as were the heavily trodden steps leading up to it.

Hello little sleeping church cat.

Wells high street is pleasant to wander. There are few local shops in among the usual UK high street chains.

One of the local shops is Mandy Wools, which I of course had to visit. I loaded up on a few skeins of beautiful undyed Mendip sheel and alpaca wool.

My hiking backpack loaded up with wool from sheep and alpaca in the Mendip Hills.

Next: We walked from Wells to Shepton Mallet.

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