An Ephemeris in Mondim

I’m a happy camper with my newly finished Ephemeris wrap in two shades of Mondim sock yarn.

For me, this is Pom Pom project number 3 (the Riley top being my first and Moondust Mittens my second)! The Ephemeris shawl / wrap pattern is from Pom Pom Issue No. 23 (Winter 2017) and I can’t remember if my main motivation in choosing this pattern was that I really wanted to make the pattern itself (because it is extremely beautiful, after all) or that I really wanted to find an interesting pattern to showcase Retrosaria Rosa Pomar’s Mondim Portuguese wool (nylon-free) sock yarn. Likely a combination of the two!

It was my extremely good fortune to be able to visit Retrosaria Rosa Pomar in Lisbon last fall (which has to be one of the loveliest yarn shops around) and I really wanted a souvenir of the visit and the chance to try knitting with Portuguese wool!

The Mondim yarn label is (and all of the illustrated labels of the yarns in Rosa Pomar’s yarn collection are) super delightful: a person’s legs wearing lovely lace socks beneath a pleated skirt.

My Ephemeris

Feeling rather bold, I picked highly contrasting colours, including a mustard yellow (a shade I adore but have never worn), and set about making my own Ephemeris. Having picked this more rustic and non-superwash yarn, I definitely did not get the same shiny, vibrant, saturated colour in the final product that the recommended yarns (Hedgehog Fibres or Malabrigo superwash sock yarn) would produce.

My in-progress Ephemeris shawl.

This shawl / wrap has been an enjoyable knit. There is some nice garter stitch to facilitate relaxing TV knitting; the striping and diamond pattern added interest and were, I found, straightforward enough that I could do a lot of it from memory or from reading the previous row. This is a pattern that looks more impressive than it is: there is no colourwork required because the colour pattern is achieved through slipping stitches. You never work with more than one yarn at once.

Mondim is a lovely yarn to knit with. It has a great squish factor: springy and strong. Garter stitch has not been my favourite knitted texture, but *oh my* does Mondim knit up beautifully in a simple garter.

My completed Ephemeris wrap (pre-blocking)

I have one other skein of Mondim in a white/speckled colourway that I’m planning to turn into socks. I still have a bit of the mustard and navy left over after finishing the shawl and might try them out at contrasting cuffs/toes/heels. Stay tuned!

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